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As the first quarter ends, already some stocks are separating themselves from the pack. Institutional investors, measured quarterly against the benchmarks, will be looking to replace their laggards potentially with stocks that are working.

Using StockVal, I created a screen in order to identify a list of stocks that are performing well, have strong historical and prospective growth, are profitable and aren’t so widely followed (6 analysts max).

This list below, along with the parameters that I used to narrow down over 6000 stocks to just 26, is a great starting point:

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brochstein 1
brochstein 2

brochstein 3

Note that LAUR has signed a merger agreement, reducing its appeal as an investment given the likelihood of the deal closing.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in ANSS.

Source: 26 Well Performing Stocks That Aren't Widely Followed