Gold Fields Follow-up

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On October 17, 2006, I put Gold Fields (NYSE:GFI) under the microscope. I wrote a detailed plan of how I would trade the stock using put and call options.

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If you had waited until January, when the stock price next dipped below $16, and wrote the $15 puts for say 3 or 4 months out, and bought the $15 calls then, you would be a happy trader today.

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The stock dipped only to $15.75, which was 25 cents above my earlier stated purchase target, so you would have just done the options trades.

You would have written the 15 April puts for about $1.25, which are now $0.05, and will expire worthless. The $15 calls would have been bought for about $1.75, and now are trading at $4.30 bid, after hitting a high of $6.20.