PG&E Corporation: Overpriced, Like the Rest of the Utility Sector

| About: PG&E Corporation (PCG)

I want to coin a new term about a program being tested by PG&E. Of course, I'll also give you my opinion about the stock.

Pacific Gas & Electric (NYSE:PCG) showcases using hybrid batteries for peak power. Getting paid to let the electric company use your batteries is cool. The PG&E program doesn't begin until 2015, but I'd like to coin the term "Electricity 2.0" now. Kudos to PG&E for trying to push new energy saving technologies.

Oh and what do I think of PG&E, the stock? At $49.38 and sporting a p/e of 17 that is right in line with the S&P 500, I think the company is overvalued, and that the entire utilities sector is overvalued. Utility stocks just don't have the kind of growth or quality of management to justify valuations in line with the S&P. I haven't put the trade on yet, but I'd love to short the entire utility sector vs. the S&P 500. Don't worry, when I do put the trade on, I'll let you know.

Disclosure: I have no position in Pacific Gas & Electric (PCG). I do not have any trade on in the utility sector.