The Bullish Case for Composite Technology

Apr.11.07 | About: Composite Tech (CPTC)

In my article about electrical transmission, I mentioned that I liked Composite Technology Corp. (OTC:CPTC).

I became increasingly bullish on this stock as a result of my changing understanding while I was researching the article. The article then initiated an email conversation with a long-time investor, where I learned more about the company's business. As a result, I just purchased more of the stock (at $1.33, using a limit order), quadrupling my initial position (acquired in February at $.91. My current average cost basis is $1.23.) Several of my clients also own this stock, which most of them bought below $1.

I've asked the investor to do a write-up on CPTC to share with AltEnergyStocks readers. It will probably be available later this week.

Full Disclosure: Tom Konrad and/or his clients have positions in CPTC.OB.

CPTC 1-yr chart