2 $5 Tech Stocks To Buy Now

Includes: AMKR, HLIT
by: Bret Jensen

I am not by nature a hyper aggressive investor. I tend to stick with equities with low valuations and/or rising dividends with limited downside. However, every now and again I like to take a flyer and invest a minute part of my portfolio in small cap stocks that could have substantial upside if everything falls right. Here are two $5 tech stocks that are worth a look by aggressive investors.

Harmonic (NASDAQ:HLIT) -

Harmonic Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells video infrastructure products and system solutions to create, prepare, and deliver broadcast and on-demand video services to televisions, personal computers, and mobile devices.

(Business description from Yahoo Finance)

4 reasons Harmonic has good value at $5 a share:

· Harmonic has a pristine balance sheet with over $1 in net cash on the books.

· Several insiders bought shares in August at the current price levels.

· The stock has a five year projected PEG of 1 and 10 times forward earnings.

· It looks like it is in a bottoming process (See chart) and Credit Suisse has an "outperform" rating and a $8 price target on Harmonic.

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MEMC Electronic Materials (NASDAQ:AMKR) -

MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry worldwide. Its wafers are used as the starting material for the manufacture of various types of semiconductor devices, including microprocessor, memory, logic, and power devices.

(Business description from Yahoo Finance)

4 reasons MEMC Electronics is a bargain at under $5 a share:

· The stock had heavy insider buying at higher levels in August

· It has five year projected PEG of under 1 (.94) and is selling for just over 9 times forward earnings

· Credit Suisse has an "outperform" rating and a $9 price target on WFR. It also was just upgraded to a "Buy" at Collins Stewart in December. Axiom Capital which predicted the solar slump 14 months ago, says the crash could be ending.

· The stock also looks like it has bottomed (See chart).

Disclosure: I am long WFR.