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D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007

Inflation? Stagflation? Interest rates up or down? Economy growing or slowing? When investors are confused, you can count on the market reversing -- in this case it declined. Investors seemed undone by the release of previous Fed meeting minutes. Why should they be is what I wonder. What were they expecting? The minutes basically reflected what we all knew and what the Fed's been saying all along, "we're on hold."

The markets we're focused on the most didn't do that much today.

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_001

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_002

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_003

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_004

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_005

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_006

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_007

A few other markets where we're focused in the U.S. are real estate and financials.

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_008

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_009

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_010

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_011

Earnings should shift investors' attention away from the Fed minutes which will age quickly. Genentech Inc. (DNA) reported good earnings that were inline with estimates while Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) also reported basically inline earnings.

We're still more interested in what's going on overseas since the action there has been impressive to say the least. Some would argue that things have gone too far. Making that point is the following chart comparing the NASDAQ bubble to the Shenzhen Composite.

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_012

One thing you can do fairly easily is find chart patterns you can overlay one to another. The problem can be with percentage differences. Nevertheless Michael Panzer makes his point -- is it different this time? Bear's eat this up.

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_013

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_014

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_015

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_016

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_017

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_018

D Fry Market Outlook 12 04 2007_019

Sure, many want more U.S. stock market analysis, but we should really just focus on the sectors that can be "change agents." Besides, I'm tired.

As far as overseas markets are concerned, we'll just let the charts speak comparatively for themselves.

There was a lot of amazing stuff to read about today:

  • The Fed minutes with the sissy and needlessly confused reactions.
  • Wachovia's statement that many mortgage lenders were "surprised" by the subprime problems was dumbfounding.
  • The National Assn. of Realtors predicting that home prices could fall in 2007 for the first time in 38 years must have gone to hand-count vote of members.
  • And lastly the NASD issued a warning to investors about the dangers of margin buying [registration required]. What's so strange about that? The SEC just dramatically lowered margin requirements for portfolio investments -- in some cases by over 70%! Weird. Well, it's CYOA time for them.

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Source: David Fry's Market Outlook for Thursday