2012 Country Stock Market Performance

 |  Includes: ARGT, BKF, EPI, RSX
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Below is a table highlighting the year to date stock market returns for 78 countries around the world. Of the 78 countries shown, 59 (75%) are in the black for the year, while 19 are in the red. Twelve countries have posted double digit gains already in 2012, with Argentina leading the way at 18.11%. Russia ranks second with a gain of 13.70%, followed by Hungary in third and Greece (yes, Greece) in fourth.

The US currently ranks 33rd on the list with a gain of 4.73% year to date. The US ranks fourth among G7 countries behind Germany (10.88%), Italy (6.77%) and France (6.44%). The UK has been the worst performing G7 country so far in 2012 with a gain of 4%.

Last year the BRICs were significant underperformers versus the rest of the world, but they've bounced back so far in 2012. As mentioned above, Russia is up 13.70% year to date, which is the best of the BRICs. Brazil ranks second with a gain of 10.92%, India isn't far behind at 10.50%, and China ranks fourth with a gain of 5.44%.