Marc Faber on the Problem with Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS, ETF: TIP)

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Recent comments by emerging markets equities manager Marc Faber are required reading for investors who are trying to hedge their exposure to the risk of rising inflation by purchasing Treasure Inflation Protected Securities (OTC:TIPS) or the TIPS ETF, the iShares Lehman TIPs Bond Fund, ticker TIP. Excerpt:

I have always been skeptical about buying inflation adjusted bonds (OTC:TIPS), simply because the yield on inflation adjusted fixed income securities is pegged to the CPI. Since the government will always understate the true rate of inflation the buyer of the TIPS will eternally be shorthanded. Moreover, I think that one day in future, the bond market will finally wake up to the fact that inflation has been understated and sell-off very badly. In fact, you would have to be the world’s greatest optimist (a la Abby Cohen or Larry Kudlow) to buy a US 30-years government bond in US dollars and with a yield of just 4.5% with the view to hold these bonds to maturity. You would have to assume that US inflation will never rise above 4.5% within the next 30 years and that the US dollar’s purchasing power will be maintained. Not a likely scenario, in my opinion (short term, however, bonds could rally somewhat more as the economy weakens).

The full article (published September 2nd) is here.

Many people doubt the veracity of the official inflation measure. On this topic:

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