Interactive Q&A: Ned Bennett, Co-Founder and EVC of optionsXpress

| About: optionsXpress Holdings, (OXPS)

This is the latest in the Seeking Alpha series of interviews with leading financial firms of interest to our readers. These, however, are interviews with a twist: the executive has agreed to answer questions and respond to comments not from a single interviewer, but rather from our community of readers and contributors.

This interactive Q&A is with Ned Bennett, the co-founder and executive vice chairman of optionsXpress Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OXPS), which offers a suite of brokerage services for option, stock, futures, mutual fund and fixed-income investors. optionsXpress has sponsored this interview, which works like this:

  • Ned briefly introduces himself and the issues he's focused on below.
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  • Ned has agreed to respond to the questions and remarks by beginning to post answers to readers' questions on Tuesday, April 24th. Readers can track his answers and respond to them during that period, with the resulting dialogue remaining on the site.
  • Readers can respond to his responses during that time.

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Over to Ned:

ned bennettHello, my name is Ned Bennett, and I am the co-founder and executive vice chairman of optionsXpress Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OXPS)

At optionsXpress, we see ourselves as the customer’s advocate. This means that we work with exchanges to create faster, more transparent markets; with market-makers to find new price improvement opportunities; and with technology to build what we believe is the best online broker platform.

Note that I haven’t even mentioned options yet. But yes, as our name suggests, and as readers may know, we are specialists in equity options.

optionsXpress was founded in 2000 by myself and two partners, our chairman, Jim Gray, and our CEO, David Kalt. Since then, optionsXpress has leveraged our deep understanding of equity options to help over 220,000 retail investors generate income, protect their portfolios and enhance returns.

In addition to options, we recently acquired XpressTrade, a highly respected online futures broker with a spirit very similar to ours.

I’m happy to discuss any market-related topics – options, futures, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or otherwise.

I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Ned