Ignore TheStreet.com #3987439 (LGBT, MIVA, CNET, TSCM)

by: The Stalwart

Here's an amusing quote from Targeting Low-Priced Internet Takeovers, writes The Stalwart:

We recommended three companies to Stocks Under $10 subscribers -- PlanetOut, CNET, and MIVA -- that were undervalued relative to the double-digit percentage premium News Corp. proposed shelling out for Intermix. (A former CEO has since offered a competing bid for Intermix)

Since that time, PlanetOut shares have fallen 40%, although we advised subscribers on Aug. 3 to exit the position about 2% above the current quote.

Right, if we had listened to your timing exactly we would have only lost 38%. No big deal.

As for questioning how the valuation of Intermix affects PlanetOut (ticker: LGBT), CNET (ticker: CNET), and MIVA (ticker: MIVA)!? Won't go there.

Full disclosure: at the time of publication the editor of the Internet Stock Blog is short CNET and TSCM.


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