Millenco Discloses New 5%+ Positions: HearUsa, VistaCare, Orchid Cellmark

Includes: HEARQ, ORCH
by: Lon Juricic

Millenco disclosed a number of new 5%+ positions in various 13D filings after the close Monday.

HearUSA Inc. (EAR) 5.2% (1,625,343 shares), up from 1,060,235 at 12/31/06

VistaCare Inc. (VSTA) 7.1% (1,194,092), up from 513,245 at 12/31/06

Orchid Cellmark Inc. (NASDAQ:ORCH) 7.2% (2,108,769 shares), no stake at 12/31/06

The firm did not disclosed an plans related to issues, but reserved the right to raise or lower their positions and communicate with third parties or with management of the various companies.