Microsoft's Revolving Internet Door: The Talent Brain Drain Continues

| About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Robert Scoble, a very high profile blogger for Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) who left the firm a few months ago, reports that Microsoft's talent drain is continuing. In its efforts to defend itself against Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), let alone make up ground, this is exactly what the company cannot afford. The revolving door in Microsoft's Internet business is preventing the company from developing and sticking with a consistent strategy and making an already major challenge--transitioning from leading one technology revolution to leading the next--downright insurmountable.


I just got a press release that Tjeerd Hoek, director or user experience design for Microsoft Windows, is now executive creative director of software and hardware convergence at Frog Design. Tjeerd was well liked and well respected inside Microsoft. Microsoft is seemingly in the middle of a full-bore executive cleanout. I've seen tons of executives leave, particularly in the MSN/Live division that's struggling to compete with Google. Nearly every executive I knew inside that division is now gone.

Just a few days ago Mary Jo Foley reported that Dane Glasgow left, following Chris Payne. Mary Jo also has a report on Microsoft's financial results, which were pretty darn good overall (they better be, a new copy of Windows and Office shipped). The question now is "will the sales of those sustain over several quarters?" Microsoft's guidance says it will.