Oct 11

Tip for Saving on Phone Bills -- Free Directory Assistance

The next time you need a phone number and the book's not handy, try calling 1-800-FREE411 for free directory assistance. You might have to hear an short ad along the way, but that's worth the $1-$3.50 your phone company now charges for this service. And if things work properly at 1-800-FREE411, the ads will alert you to your query's competitors -- a great start for comparison shopping!


  • I’ve been trying several free directory assistance services lately and here are some of the features i’ve noticed that is NOT offered by 1800free411 which 1800411save does: street search, SMS and call connection. I believe these features helps a lot. Please feel free to correct me if im wrong or inform me if you’ve added more features to your service. Thanks.

    Sep 12
  • Hey guys! Just wanna share with you an additional tip on saving money. As we all know, calling 411 or directory assistance is expensive. But one phone number makes it possible for us to cut off those charges. It's 1-800-411-SAVE. Just dial the number when you need a phone number of a residential or business listing. You only have to spend a few seconds on listening to a short advertisement, and presto, you can get the phone number from their live agent available. Its very easy and convenient. So why not try it now?!

    Aug 21
  • At least in my area, SBC residential customers get 2 (I think) free directory assistance calls per billing cycle.

    Nov 11