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Hickey and Walters (Bespoke) submit: Earnings reports slow to a trickle next week, but that does not mean there aren't some important companies reporting. The list below is taken from our most recent earnings report (pdf file).

For each company scheduled to report we have included analyst EPS and revenue forecasts along with the percentage of sales each company gets from the US. To the right, we also included a confidence score of how likely a company will beat estimates based on prior earnings results for companies in similar sectors and where their revenues come from (US vs. International). Based on its sector and share of US vs. International revenues, of the stocks reporting next week, Deere & Co. (NYSE:DE) has the highest total confidence score.

As the table details, retailers dominate the schedule next week. While most of the confidence scores are low for these names, we would note that given the group's predominantly weak same store sales today, expectations for the group have been lowered considerably.

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