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Hickey and Walters (Bespoke) submit: One of the key things we watch for with small-cap companies is buying and selling of shares by insiders. While investors should not rely on an insider purchase as the sole reason to go out and buy a security, it does provide further confirmation that management or heavily invested institutions have confidence in the stock. And insider purchases of more under-the-radar small-cap names with aspirations to one day catch up with their large-cap brethren are even more intriguing.

We analyzed Form 4s (SEC filings of purchases and sales by insiders) released over the past few weeks to find small-cap stocks that have had insider buying at interesting points on the their price charts. Below are five stocks that stood out in our analysis. Green dots represent insider purchases, while red dots represent insider sales.




Source: Five Smallcaps With Stand Out Insider Buying, Selling