Amrep Hit By More Bad News

May.24.07 | About: AMREP Corporation (AXR)

AMREP Corp. (NYSE:AXR) is the $400M company in Rio Rancho, NM that owns approximately 18,000 acres of the town. What's bad for Rio Rancho is bad for Amrep, and there's a lot of bad news:

1. Starting in August 2007, Intel is laying off 1,000 workers at its chip fab plant in Rio Rancho. There are only about 40,000 people of working age in Rio Rancho.

2. Rio Rancho building permits were down 66% from March 2006 to March 2007.

3. The city of Rio Rancho is increasing by 29-40% the impact fees charged to homebuilders. (An “impact fee” is assessed by the city against new construction, and due at the time of the issuance of the building permit.)

All the fees in the tables below are per unit. Remember, an increase of $3000/unit means an extra $9000/acre in cost assuming 3u/ac.

The fees differ based on whether the lot is in a master planned community and connected to city services, or else in an area with domestic wells, septic systems, and limited roads and drainage.

amrep source

This is the change in fees for lots in master planned communities:

amrep source

This is the change in fees that would apply to lots not connected to city services (e.g. the famous "scattered lots"):

amrep source

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