May 31

Share a Car With a Stranger

Car sharing is a growing phenomenon. As of January 1, 2007 - based on data provided by a transportation think tank - 18 U.S. car sharing programs claimed 134,094 members sharing 3,637 vehicles, and 13 Canadian car sharing programs claimed 21,817 members sharing 994 vehicles. (It's going so mainstream it just opened in limited fashion in Wilmington, Del., not a city known for being on the cutting edge.) So, is it worth it?

According to a non-profit industry promotion group, car sharing provides flexible wheels for an urban lifestyle. If you get into a car sharing network, you'll get access to a fleet of vehicles in your neighborhood and across your city - and pay only when you use them. You should be able to reserve a vehicle by phone or Internet, use it for a few hours or a week, and pay per trip.

By the industry's estimate, if you drive less than 7,500 miles a year and don't need a car for work every day, car sharing could save you thousands of dollars a year.


  • This is a good idea, but the article would be much more useful if it showed you where to find a car sharing network or listed the main ones, and had some information about pricing. Also: what are the drawbacks and limitations of car sharing? Without any of this information, the article isn't really helpful.

    Do any readers know anything about car sharing networks? Anybody used one?

    Jun 03
  • Very very true! I will have to check into this. With the prices of gas going up and up, the savings should multiply.

    Power Of The Penny

    Jun 01