Diamyd Medical: Fighting For the Diabetes Cure

| About: Diamyd Medical (DMYDY)

Diamyd Medical (OTC:DMYDY), small biotech company from Sweden, is on its way to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Diamyd will present the much anticipated and defining results from a 15 month study this July.

Already the stock has gained 7%, but expect more as investors rally to join the cause of this century. If there is one thing Diamyd does not lack it's credibility. Previous studies have proven to beat expectations and a nobel prize comity member on the board does not weaken its case.

They are also on plan to start Phase III studies in juvenile type 1 diabetes, which will make them one out of a handful biotech companies to have survived this far in this field. Last year the company gained 180% on a similar study before seeking US investors by listing on the QTCQX.

Volume is still small, but rising fast. Possible 20% gains before end of June with a less than 10% chance of a unfavorable result from the study.

Disclosure: Author has a long position in DMYDY

DMYDY 1-yr chart