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Miriam Metzinger submits: Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Monday June 4. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Penwest Pharmaceuticals (PPCO): ' ... had no idea that stock had fallen all the way to $12. They have got some great technology ... that's a good spec there. Remember, it is just a speculation though ... they're losing big money and they don't have a lot of revenues either.'
Gildan Activewear (GIL): ' ... it is a momentum name ... But, understand. Even though it's cheap on a multiple basis, it's had a big run. Maybe you buy a little, and then you wait for a little pullback.'
GOL Linhas Areas Inteligentes (GOL): ' ... they stole Varig. It's a Brazilian airline. It's up $4 since we mentioned it at $28-29. That's not enough. The stock's going to $40. $33... pick up $7. That's what I like!'
Chesapeake Energy (CHK): 'Natural gas is back! ... Aubrey McClennan [CEO] is one of the best. I am saying that CHK goes higher!'
Fannie Mae (FNM): 'Now here is a stock I haven't talked about enough ... When the sub-prime loan market went kerplooey... FNM ... decided to buy $20 billion worth of liquidity ... FNM is not expensive, until it gets to $80 a share, and it's at $64.'
Celgene (CELG): ' ... dramatically undervalued on the Revlamid news from the weekend,'
Gilead Sciences (GILD)
Fuel Tech (FTEK): ' ... I thought there was more than a 20% gain there, so I can't tell you to take some off, when I told you there was more to gain ... I'm not bailing. You shouldn't either.'
Herbalife (HLF): 'I became convinced that that company is not just a fly-by-night supplement company, but a company that really has a wellness principle.'
Crocs (CROX) ' I think that CROX is a company that you can own until everyone has decided that every analyst and his brother has recommended.'
Genesis Lease (GLS): 'If you need to be in bundled aircraft, it's Genesis Leasing.'
Boeing (BA): 'If you've got to be in aerospace, it's Boeing.'
Tesco (TESO): 'I have been working like a bow-wow to try to figure out when do we decide to get off the oil service game... and the answer is not yet. This group is still cheap!'
Halliburton (HAL)
Input/Output (IO): 'Seismic data. You know I like that very much. I think IO has been slighted by Mad Money.'
Trinity Industries (TRN): ' ... it's still so darn cheap, I don't think it can hurt you. ... We're under-railcarred in this country.'
Marathon Oil (MRO): 'MRO - even at $128 - is still cheap! Unbelievable! I'm pulling the trigger here for half the position, and then let it come in.'
Haynes International (HAYN): 'I'm staying long it. We liked it 20 points below this.'
Merit Medical Systems (MMSI): 'I'll buy that one too.'
Cepheid (CPHD)
Dynegy (DYN): 'Oh man, down here at $9.50. C'mon let's pull the trigger. Bruce Williamson, CEO. Best in show.'

Bearish calls:

AirTran Holdings (AAI): 'No can do. I'm only using one airline right now, particularly with oil going up...and that is GOL Linhas.'
Mylan Laboratories (MYL): 'No, can't go there... I think these generic guys have never made me a lot of money.'
Usana Health Sciences (USNA): 'too high risk for me.'
JetBlue Airways (JBLU): 'No! Sell, sell, sell! Another airline that's problematic.'

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Source: Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, 6/4/07