Stock Bloggers' Best Ideas This Week

by: Mick Weinstein

In this new weekly column, I'll collect the most insightful, well-researched and actionable articles published by professional and individual investors on stock market blogs in the past week.

Our goal is to venture 'behind the headlines' - to find analysis and opinion that will help you recognize opportunities and pitfalls in this dynamic market.

The best of the market blogosphere this week:

What's behind this recent selloff? Portfolio manager Roger Nusbaum asks if rising bond yields mean ongoing trouble for stocks, while trader Brett Steenbarger brings an historical perspective to that issue.

Is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock a buy in the runup to the iPhone launch? Paul Kedrosky considers buying the hype and selling the launch, while Carl Howe expects serious volatility. Apple and Google were two stocks that showed remarkable strength amidst this week's general weakness.

• Matt Hougan of IndexUniverse compares WisdomTree's new international real estate ETF to the previous option; Roger Nusbaum is warming up to this investment theme.

• Seeking Alpha's David Jackson takes a close look at two new 'peer to peer investing' websites and how they may impact online brokerages.

• Alternative energy investors know that ethanol-related stocks have taken a hit recently, but Todd Sullivan expects that to be short-lived.

• Top home furnishing retailer Bed Bed & Beyond fell sharply following its earnings report Monday - is its stock now a compelling buy?

• There's a stock that should capitalize on the 'new baby boom', says Asif Suria, and its name is Gymboree.

• Despite its recent pullback, the Chinese stock market remains on fire. Travis Johnson considers two ways an American investor can take part in this growth opportunity, while Faisal Laljee broadens the scope, naming ten international growth stocks to consider buying.

• What will be with Dow Jones and the Murdoch bid? Scott Karp thinks claims that News Corporation will lower editorial standards at the Wall St. Journal are a red herring, while Henry Blodget says the deal is as good as done.

• Barry Ritholtz believes 'the final chapter in the impact of Real Estate on the broader economy has yet to be written.'

• Bespoke Investments offers helpful 'cheat sheets' for mapping out the increasing number of domestic ETFs and international ETFs.

• You've probably received your share of spam stock promotion by email, but do we now need to be on the lookout for it in major financial publications as well?