Executive Insider: An Investment Guide For 2016 (Podcast)

by: Marc Jorgensen


Competing with executives on investing: What information do they have and don't have.

Submerging markets: A global outline of strong upside potential?

Talking to everyone: The investment value of hearing differing opinions.

Where to make money in 2016?

I spoke with DJ Peterson founder of Longview Global Advisors in this podcast episode, where we discuss the global outlook for investment and business risk in 2016.

We cover a lot of ground drawing upon DJ's near 20 years of experience, he previously worked at Wall Street political risk firm "Eurasia Group" where he built up their corporate advisory business as well Rand Corporation.

Some topics we discuss:

  • Where business costs are heading up most in Europe
  • How essential is Angela Merkel to keep Europe (and the Euro) from unraveling?
  • Strong dollar: Where have costs come down the most in the past year?
  • How executives are viewing crisis information

Longview advises high-level executive clients who have an interest in better understanding of how each of the latest global crises impacts their international investments, offering independent ground sourcing.

Click here to find the podcast along with other interviews with investment professionals and business owners.

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