China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Doubles After Its IPO

| About: China Shenghuo (CKUN)

China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (KUN) listed its shares on the American Stock Exchange on Thursday, June 14, after completing a very small, 400,000-share IPO that seems more like a private placement. The shares were priced at $3.50, led by the sole underwriter: WestPark Capital in Los Angeles.

WestPark was instrumental in forming the company in 2005.

Another 2.65 million shares were immediately listed as being for resale by selling shareholders. It was not clear from reports whether these shares had been placed. After the IPO, 19.5 million shares of Shenghuo are outstanding.

Among other activities for China Shenghuo, West Park brokered a private placement in 2005 of 2 million shares at $.90 each ($1.8 million gross proceeds), of which almost $200,000 went to West Park for its work.

Perhaps because of the small float, Shenghuo fared very well – in fact excellently – in open market trading. After opening at $4.40 on Thursday afternoon, the shares doubled over the IPO price in the next day and a half of trading. At the close on Friday, June 14, Shenghuo stood at an even $7.00, up $2.27 or 49% on the day. At 208,000 shares traded, volume was not particularly high, though that was just over 50% of the shares sold in the IPO. At $7 per share, the market is giving Shenghuo a value of $137 million.

In 2006, China Shenghuo made a profit of $3.6 million on $20 million of revenue. That works out to 17 cents per share.

In terms of business, China Shenghuo was formed in 1995. It combines traditional Chinese medicines with western pharmacology, building pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic product lines around Panax notoginseng, a form of ginseng that invigorates and builds blood. A full 80% of its revenues come from Xuesaitong Soft Capsules, which are given to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. It has a total of 31 state-approved medications. Almost all of its sales are in China, though small amounts of its drugs are exported to other countries in Asia.

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