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First Trust recently launched a series of quant ETFs under their AlphaDEX brand. Though they were met with much speculation and conceptual praise, the majority of these funds have seen very little dollar attention.

Monday, however, saw a number of these funds with high volume, perhaps signaling an increasing interest. Below is the list of AlphaDEX funds for which I have sufficient data to calculate the majority of these parameters, sorted by the number of millions of dollars they have traded this past month.

The Day / Avg. Week $ field indicates the percentage of the past week's average dollar volume that was traded in the prior session. As you can see, seven of these AlphaDEX funds saw dollar liquidity at over 200% above average. Though these funds exemplify the diversity and opportunity that ETFs can bring to the market, until reasonable liquidities are present, most investors will hesitate to take non-trivial positions.

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first trust funds

Source: First Trust Family of ETFs Continues To Get Little Investor Love