An Update On The Stocks We Cover

by: Forward View


We present a brief update on the stocks we currently cover.

Our formal coverage list will be expanding in the Spring with a focus on the sporting goods sector.

Both Joy Global and Westmoreland Coal will be affected by who wins the White House in November. A coal-friendly Republican administration would be welcomed by both companies.

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Hold. $47 price target. The real question here is whether Cabela's is bought for $55 a share (our estimate) or if no deal occurs and the stock drops back to our $36 intrinsic valuation per share. We're not convinced that a deal will happen. There's just a 60% probability of Cabela's being acquired in our view.



Speculative Buy. $55 price target. Jarden will be merging with Newell Rubbermaid (NYSE:NWL) in 2Q16. Until the deal closes, Jarden shares will be tied to the price of Newell Rubbermaid stock. Here's a handy formula to remember when trying to calculate the value of Jarden shares: JAH = 0.862NWL + 21


Joy Global

Hold. $13 price target. Much of the company's future profits will depend on whether America elects a Democratic or Republican administration in November. Time will tell who wins the White House and until then, we suggest patience with Joy's shares. The stock will be a buy in the future, but just not yet.



Speculative Buy. $142 price target. LinkedIn's full-year guidance for 2016 was below the Wall Street consensus, and the stock was crushed. We're optimistic about buying at the current level because LinkedIn guidance is typically very conservative. Look for quarterly results to beat expectations.


Westmoreland Coal

Speculative Buy. $9 price target. We're probably going to sound like a broken record, but Westmoreland Coal is very different from other coal companies. Look for the stock to explode if a Republican administration is brought into the White House in November. (Valuation assumes a 2019 sale of the ROVA plant.)

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