Seeking Alpha's Market Challenge: Will Stocks Rally Or Fizzle?

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Can stocks eke out a gain for the week?

Where will the S&P 500 finish the day?

Put your answer in the comments section below!

UPDATE: That was a rather uneventful close for the S&P 500!

That said, Agloe Capital was the closest with 1917 (the S&P ended at 1917.50 for the day). Bill Stoller also was correct - the key index was flat for the day (results as of the 1 p.m. Eastern cut-off - there are others who also predicted a flat finish after that time).

Numerous thoughts seem to be on the mind of many Wall Street observers as we head into the weekend. Oil continues to be a factor. So are international markets (China, Europe).

What happens next week? We'll feature some ideas on oil. Maybe we'll dive into technology and the Nasdaq (NASDAQ:QQQ)?

Stay tuned. Next week could be another interesting period for markets and the Market Challenge.

And thanks everyone for participating!


Think stocks will climb or fall today?

Wall Street saw a slight decline Thursday, and so far today the markets are headed lower. There was hope that maybe stocks would remain in positive territory for the week thanks to strong performances Tuesday and Wednesday, with the Dow and the S&P 500 up nearly 3% and the Nasdaq higher by 3.5% over the past few days (as of close Thursday).

We want to hear from you on where you think the market will end the day and week.

At what level will the S&P 500 end the week?

Put your answer in the comments section below. We'll keep the comments stream open for the next few hours. And feel free to add any additional commentary - why will stocks climb, or why will this week's rally fizzle?

And if this works out, we'll expand the "Challenge," asking each day what readers think will happen with the markets, key commodities, individual stocks, ETFs, and different sectors.

We look forward to seeing your comments below!