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Dell warned yesterday on lower than expected 3Q05 revenue and income, sending its stock down 4% AH (year-to-date, DELL is down 24%). The company reports earnings on Nov. 10. Reactions and stock implications:

  • Jason Maxwell, TCW Group: "At that size, it's difficult for any organization to grow at high rates, so now you see the top-line growth rate coming down... are they getting close to being so large so as to make the hurdles to outperform the market too high?"
  • Former Dell exec (anonymous): The company "is too much of a one-trick pony... They're not innovating, or building enough new businesses. They've executed flawlessly for 10 years, but that's kind of an impossible thing to continue."
  • Brent Bracelin, Pacific Crest Securities: "We are not seeing a widespread, across-the-board kind of softness [in the CE market]."
  • Jeff Jarvis: "What do you think is going to happen when a company’s products and service decline? So will sales! So will profit! So will marketshare! So will stock! Doesn’t take a computer to figure that out."
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    Source: Dell Warns On 3Q05 - Reactions and Implications (DELL)