George Moriarty Is Seeking Alpha's New VP Content

by: SA Eli Hoffmann


Congrats to George Moriarty, previously Managing Editor of the Opinion & Analysis team!

With my responsibilities as CEO, I realized I needed someone exceptional to step in as VP Content and do a better job than I was doing.

George has been an SA superstar for almost five years. He is loved by his team and by our community.

I couldn't be happier to hand over the reins to George, who will undoubtedly exceed my, and everyone's, expectations.

So... the next time you have a question, complaint, comment or idea related to all things SA content - George is the man.

Last July, I became Seeking Alpha's CEO. (For those who missed that news, you can read more about it here.)

Since then, it has become increasingly clear to me that if we want to continue to improve and evolve our outstanding content, I would need someone with whom to work closely to make that a reality.

It took me some time to relinquish my title as VP Content, because I love the teams and our products so much. But alas, the time has come (and many would say it's overdue).

George has been "my man" for almost five years. So once I made peace with handing over my VP Content responsibilities, there was no question who the right person was.

In moving to VP Content, George takes leadership of an amazing stable of teams and products that in many ways define who we are as a company:

  1. Contributor content (aka "Opinion & Analysis") - Seeking Alpha's crown jewels.
  2. Breaking news - our in-house, short-form market news team. In my totally biased opinion, the best free short-form news product on the web by a wide margin.
  3. SA PRO and Investor Marketplace (editorial) - we're already the go-to destination for opportunity-driven stock picks and research. PRO gives readers access to our Top Ideas, while Investor Marketplace gives you exclusive membership to top authors' premium content and communities.
  4. Contributor acquisition and success - our contributors are our lifeblood.
  5. Moderation - reader discussion and debate is a fundamental part of crowd-sourced research. Our mod team makes that possible.

I will be working closely with George, as I always have. He'll find me a demanding manager, because we need to continue to get better at everything we do, such as:

  • Turn contributors' articles around quicker and more efficiently.
  • Deliver real-time news to investors faster and more comprehensively, while never losing our unique "voice."
  • Continue to increase the depth, breadth and quality of our contributor base. (No degrees necessary. All you need to become an SA contributor is to love investing, and have something articulate to say about as little as one stock or topic!)
  • Expand into areas we're not yet doing as well as we could, such as options strategies, investing approaches for early-stage investors, industry-level analysis, FA-specific articles, etc.
  • Ensure our SA PRO and Investor Marketplace deliver the stock picks and author services that discerning readers value.

I am, as you can probably tell, excited about this decision. As are our teams. And I expect our readers and community will be too.

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