Further Discussion on Jesper Koll's "Japan is Back, For Real This Time"

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Since my post last week summarizing Jesper Koll's (chief economist at Merrill Lynch in Tokyo) featured essay in the Far Eastern Economic Review entitled, "Japan is Back, For Real This Time," we have had some great reader follow-up comments and discussion. We all seem to agree that there have been fundamental changes in Japan but there are still skeptics that question the economy's ability to grow and rise out of prolonged recession. In the 15-years since the Nikkei's peak there have been several false recoveries that soon died out. Like Koll, I believe this time is "for real" and recommend you read the summary of Koll's piece (click here for the post w/ comments following below it) if you haven't yet and also invite you to check out the readers' and author's comments. New comments are always welcome.