Reflections Of A Retired Advisor: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

by: SA Gil Weinreich


Retired advisor Jim Sloan offers some pointed financial advice – only not for a living anymore.

Hedge fund manager Chris DeMuth Jr. offers the money view of the presidential elections.

Profound retirement advice, in eight words, via Michael Kitces.

"Having served as a financial advisor, I can tell you this: Most people have no idea what money is for. They have a couple of fears about key moments in life where they might not have enough of it, but that's a different thing. What is it for?

So writes SA contributor Jim Sloan in a thoughtful article that explores the meaning of money through the prism of a mid-life divorce, a gradual hard-won comeback in his personal life and finances, and via the friends and relatives who continue to seek his financial advice. Makes for good weekend reading, and until next week, here are some additional items of interest for advisors: