Herbalife Misstates More Key Metrics

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Took a look at Herbalife's 2015 Statement of Average Gross compensation today with analyst and SA contributor Connor Davidson.

Connor promptly pointed out all of the company's percentages for "Sales Leaders with a Downline" are wrong.

Second major key data misstatement in as many months for Herbalife.

I was looking at Herbalife's (NYSE:HLF) new 2015 Statement of Average Gross compensation today. It can be found here.

In case the company updates it, I have saved a legacy copy here.

I was sharing the document with a couple people, such as fantastic analyst Connor Davidson who pointed out on Twitter today, Herbalife has misstated another slew of numbers relevant to how the business is doing. This time it's from the company's updated 2015 Statement of Average Gross compensation.

Pay attention to the numbers for "Sales Leaders with a Downline":

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All of the percentages are wrong.

They list vs. The calculation (# of ppl/group total*100)

0.0% vs. 0.3%

0.0% vs. 0.6%

2.4% vs 0.89%

2.4% vs 1.72%

4.5% vs 3.03%

6.1% vs 3.9%

28.7% vs 16.9%

45.9% vs 62.3%

10% vs 10.56%

How many data misstatements must this company make before regulators do something?

Disclosure: I am/we are short HLF.

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