Thinking About Wealth And Debt - Investor's Prescription - Dividend Health Checkup (Episode 15, 16, 17)

by: Doctor Dividend


We introduce a short format version of our main podcast.

Included are the first 3 episodes.

The two topics we elaborate on are the definition of wealth and our thoughts on debt.

Sharing the first 3 short episodes of the Dividend Health Check Up short format - Investor's Prescription, Doctor Dividend shares his thoughts on wealth and debt, DGI Guy responds to Doctor Dividend's comments on thinking about debt.

Introducing the Investor's Prescription

In the last episode of the Dividend Health Checkup, we introduced a spin-off from our main show, called the Investor's Prescription. Moving forward, this will be a quick 5-10 minute segment where Doctor Dividend will touch on various financial parts of our lives, including how he is currently determining how to arrive at a fair value of a stock.

DGI Guy will chime in from time to time when there is a disagreement with Doctor Dividend's comments in his episode.

Below are the first 3 episodes. Pick up the topic that you find interesting and skip the rest.

As always, please provide your comments and questions below.

Episode 15: What Is Wealth with Doctor Dividend

Episode 16: Thinking about Debt with Doctor Dividend

Episode 17: DGI Guy responds to E16 with his thoughts on Debt


Going forward, we will be giving you options as to what you want to listen to each week. We will continue our full interview format that is posted each Tuesday night for those who have subscribed and with the article posting each Thursday on Seeking Alpha. Also, we will be adding the Investor's Prescription from time to time when we have something interesting to say on a finance topic.

You can find our old episodes on SoundCloud or on iTunes by searching for "dividends" in the Podcast section.

To Your (Dividend) Health.

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