Energy Recap: No Deal In Doha, SunEdison Goes Bust

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Every other Friday, Seeking Alpha will provide a roundup of insightful opinion and analysis articles in the energy sector.

In this edition, we highlight articles on the Doha "debacle" and SUNE's collapse, as well ask for your take on what's happening in the energy sector.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the SA Energy Recap, a new feature here on Seeking Alpha. Every other Friday, we highlight several interesting and insightful articles in the energy space.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the energy sector, between the failed Doha freeze deal, SunEdison (SUNE) throwing in the towel and crude oil prices reaching their highest levels in about five months. Let's get started...

Energy Articles of Note

"Stay The Course To Invest In Renewable Energy" By Owen Worley

"What's Essential For Shale Oil Analysis After The Doha Debacle And Distraction" By Gary Bourgeault

"SunEdison's Collapse Should Change The Course Of The Solar Industry" By Simple Investment Ideas

"Bakken Update: Mega-Fracs Could Mean CARBO Ceramics Is A Dead Man Walking" By Michael Filloon

"Energy Recovery Set To Have A Bullish 2016" By Michael Fitzsimmons

"Playing Hardball - Breitburn Energy Enters Into Grace Period On Its Unsecured Notes - Is There Any Value?" By Frank Hacklander, CFA

Readers, now it's your turn to discuss what's happening in this sector. Despite the demise of SunEdison, can renewable energy companies be profitable? What are the lasting impacts of the Doha "no-deal"? Are you skeptical about the sustainability of the rally in oil prices? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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