Energy Daily: BOJ Surprise Is A Catalyst For Oil

by: HFI


BOJ surprise shocked market participants.

Our Gear Energy pick is now up over 100% since February.

HFI portfolio is up 23% since our launch.

BOJ Surprise

Bank of Japan came out last night and announced no change in its current monetary policy. This was substantially more bearish than what market participants expected and JPY responded.

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Simultaneously, the US dollar is seeing weakness once again.

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USD bull run has gone on for almost 2 years now, and it's looking like the end is near. DXY is at support and the longer it stays here, the higher the probability of a break. FOMC minutes came out yesterday and it points further to a delayed rate hike. Market participants currently expect 2 rate hikes this year, while at HFI, we expect none. Our view is based on the softening US economic growth numbers and broad weakness in emerging markets.

If DXY continues to weaken like we expect, oil (NYSEARCA:USO) could receive a big boost and hit our price target of $60 by year end.

Our Favorite Long Oil Stock

We wrote a write-up exclusive to premium subscribers on February 22, 2016, entitled, "Gear Energy (OTC:GENGF) - My Favorite Levered Long Oil Bet." Our thesis was quite simple:

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How have we done since then?

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For those interested in the write-up, please message us, so we can share it with you.

We own GXE.TO, which is traded on the Canadian exchange.

HFI Portfolio Update

Since our launch of the "HFI portfolio," we have beaten the SPY by 13%.

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