Dividends Earned - April 2016

by: Investment Hunting

For DGI investors, the end of each month is an exciting time. We add-up our monthly dividends earned. If your goal is similar to mine, retiring on dividends, then you know how important each month end is. It's a time to reflect on progress to date, and to estimate our future retirement date. This month my dividends earned totaled $516.30. My Dividends earned in 2016 are 2,098.46. My run-rate for 2016 total dividends earned is $6,295. My 2016 dividend goal is set at $7,500. It was a stretch goal, but it's becoming less likely that I will reach this goal unless I'm able to add more stocks this quarter. The primary reason for the miss has been dividend cuts, and a hot marketplace. I haven't bought as much stock as I planned on buying due to overvalued markets.

April 2016 Dividends Earned

This month my dividends earned came from 11 companies. April is not a heavy dividend income month, because of this I'm very pleased with my monthly income. My average dividend per company this month is $47.69.

Dividends Earned

My April dividends are as follows:

Dividends Earned April 2016 - 11 Stocks

Dividends Earned - Year-Over-Year

The chart below tracks my monthly dividends earned on a year over year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue. 2015 numbers are in red. 2016 numbers are orange. YoY charts help me to see where I'm headed, and they give me sense of pride that I am one step closer to my goal.

My dividends went from $24.42 in 2014, to 442.60 in 2015, to $516.30 in 2016.

Dividends Earned Year-Over-Year April 2016

Looking at my annual growth rate, I'm pacing to end the year with $6,295 in dividend income. The chart below shows that in 4-months this year, I've already passed 50% of my 2015 annual dividend income mark. YTD, I've earned 54% of my 2015 dividend income. This metric is exciting. If I can keep up growth at this pace, I'll retire a very happy man.

Annual Dividends Earned 2014 - 2016

Full Disclosure: Long O, MAIN, MO, WMT, PM, DPS, GE, PFG, STWD, BNS, CSCO.