Union Pacific: Outlook Doesn't Improve

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Leading indicators keep falling.

Economy is in a period of slower growth.

Transportation volume is decreasing.

Union Pacific and its peers are likely to fall further.

On May 10th I wrote an article where I discussed the outlook for Union Pacific UNP. Since then, A few things have changed. Unfortunately for the worse.

First of all, the Philadelphia FED shipping index dropped to 2011 lows which indicates that shipping is declining.

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In addition to that, the Empire State Manufacturing Survey published a bad shipment outlook this week. This survey, conducted by the NY FED, pointed towards growth last month but declined this month. Indicators that at first looked bullish are turning negative now.

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In addition to the shipment outlook, keep in mind that transportation stocks are extremely dependent on growth. Companies like Union Pacific have been around for many decades and show very cyclical patterns. Therefore, it is not very important to do a bottom-up analysis.

UNP Chart

UNP data by YCharts

The graph below gives a better overview of the growth slowing period we are currently in.

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If we look at coincident data we find confirmation. Total carloads and intermodal is way below 2015 levels.

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Coal transportation is even worse.

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In addition the bad leading and coincident indicators, transportation stocks get more pressure from a stronger USD. The FED made clear that they are open to raising rates again in June. This will push the USD higher and commodities lower.

UDN Chart

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To conclude this article I warn investors that Union Pacific and other transportation stocks will underperform during the next few months. I am not shorting but waiting to buy lower. The best entry prices will come when the USD is topping and growth is returning. For now however, stay away from transportation stocks.

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