NINJA Loans And 'First Inning' For Dividend Stocks: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

by: SA Gil Weinreich


Ian Bezek on the déjà vu of “crazy mortgages,” planting the seeds of the next crisis.

Come again? Jesse Felder can’t believe Jeremy Siegel thinks we’re only in the ‘first inning’ in the market’s shift to dividend stocks.

Sami Karam on why investors can’t win with hedge funds: they don’t hedge and they overcharge.

Remember "NINJA loans" - for those with "no income, no job or no assets?" Ian Bezek shows how we're headed down that same primrose pre-crisis path anew - after Wells Fargo announced it will be offering 3%-down mortgages to folks with relatively low FICO scores.

In like fashion, see also Jesse Felder's brief rebuttal of permabull professor Jeremy Siegel's argument that we're only in the "first inning" in the ascent of dividend-paying stocks. Felder's charts bear eloquent testimony to the manic nature of today's stock market.

Wishing our readers a meaningful Memorial Day.

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