A (Personal) Roadmap To Retirement: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

by: SA Gil Weinreich


Two new installments in our ongoing series of advisors answering investors’ questions. Contact me with questions of your own.

Make your own equity return forecast for the next 12 months; Ronald Surz makes it simple.

Kate Stalter’s forecast, based on market history, is for a rotation to value stocks.

We've got many readers who are deeply diligent savers and investors - and a large cadre of financial professionals on the site as well. So as I mentioned last week, why not get these two sides talking to each other so that everyone can benefit, including other readers who may face similar concerns?

To that end, we published two personal finance Q&As last week (see here and here), and we have two more for you today. I asked readers last week to send in their queries to me and I would see if I might find an advisor willing to take it on.

One reader close to retirement asked some quite detailed questions, which Maksim Netrebov of Maks Financial Services in Princeton, N.J., graciously agreed to answer. Here is Maksim's fair summation of the questioner's quite detailed message to me:

"Female, age 56; earning $130,000 per year.

Wants to retire at age 59.5; plans to begin Social Security at age 62

Has done a great job recently of putting money away.


$ 500,000

Roth IRA

$ 27,500

Brokerage Account

$ 5,500

Savings Account

$ 27,500

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Over the next few years, plans on putting away an additional $100,000 to $140,000.

She is not concerned about leaving an estate/legacy, and is primarily concerned about not outliving her money."

SA's legions of readers planning for retirement can learn from Maksim's analysis by clicking here.

Meanwhile, another reader wanted to know what makes financial advisor Eric Nelson of Servo Wealth Management think that DFA Funds are superior to Vanguard's offerings. Click here for Eric's reply.

Let us know your reactions to this Q&A, and send me your own questions, and I'll see what we can do.

And, here are additional advisor-related links for today: