Retirement Security Amid Global Financial And Personal Crises: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest

by: SA Gil Weinreich


Michael Lonier argues that retirees should minimize stock market risk in order to secure their retirement incomes.

Bruce Miller suggests retirees can stabilize their retirements by getting a solid handle on cash flow.

Ronald Surz categorizes the many auto-pilot ways investors seek alpha.

Wars, crises and even personal stress are rooted in the deep insecurity that is inherent in human nature. As societies and as individuals, we crave stability.

Two SA contributors in a sense address this theme as regards retirement, one from a broader and the other from a narrower perspective. Yet both seem to come around to similar conclusions about achieving that sense of stability by controlling what can be controlled.

Michael Lonier, having been auditing Tim Geithner's Yale class on the global financial crisis, takes the broader approach but comes down to the idea that retirees can and should stabilize their retirement incomes by controlling for stock market risk.

From the standpoint of Bruce Miller, a CPA by training, the critical element is to manage cash flow. By getting a handle on income and expenditures, a household can alleviate the inordinate stress that arises in anticipation of retirement.

You can read Michael's article here and Bruce's article here, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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