Brad 'The REIT Stuff' Thomas (Part 1) - Dividend Health Checkup Podcast Episode 39

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We start with our Article of the Week from Dividend House.

Our guest today is REIT expert Brad Thomas.

Does Brad actually look outside of the REIT world for investments?


We are putting together a weekly show that is dedicated to learning as much as we possibly can from investors primarily focused in the dividend investing space. Each show starts off with some recommendations on articles or other content that we found interesting and think is worth your time to check out in order to further your dividend investing education. We then will move to the main part of the show which is an interview with various folks in the Dividend Investing world.

Article of the Week

The Article of the Week comes from Dividend House who will be on the show in 2 weeks. The article approaches the topic of high yield, low growth vs. low yield, high growth. Chris and Howard discuss the various aspects. The end result, as always, is the same - there is a right way to own both if either meet the goals of your portfolio.


Our special guest in this episode is Brad Thomas. In this first part of our two-part interview, we explore the following topics:

-Brad's background

-Can private partnerships work?

-The book that started his career - The Art of the Deal

-Why is Trump running for President?

-How much is Trump's brand equity worth?

-What is the goal of Brad's personal portoflio?

-REITs being a new asset class

-What percent of his personal portfolio is in REITs?

-What stocks look interesting to Brad at the time of recording?

Focused Stock Of This Podcast - Tiffany (NYSE:TIF), Extra Space (NYSE:EXR)

Brad's Projects

Forbes RE Investor

Book: The Trump Factor

Book: The Intelligent REIT Investor

Future Shows

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To Your (Dividend) Health.

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