GE Unloads Billions Of Dollars Of Assets To Private Equity

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Cerberus buying GE Money Bank’s French business.

Taomee successfully went private after a 30% return.

I misunderstood Trump’s meaning of “self-funding”.

Welcome to the redundant issue of M&A Daily

General Electric

Cerberus is buying General Electric's (NYSE:GE) GE Money Bank. Cerberus beat out other bidders had included CVC Capital and JC Flowers. The target has seven billion Euros of assets in consumer credit and property loans. The unit employs 850 people. GE is refocusing on its industrial business. Cerberus will have to decide if the "Money Bank" name is sort of redundant.


Rouse (NYSE:RSE) holds its shareholder vote today for its acquisition by Brookfield Asset Management (NYSE:BAM).

Northern Tier

Northern Tier (NYSE:NTI) holds its shareholder vote today for its acquisition by Western Refining (NYSE:WNR). The $0.24 arbitrage spread offers an 18% IRR if the deal closes tomorrow (as of this writing… clearly re-check by the time you read this).

du Pont

The Dow (NYSE:DOW) acquisition of du Pont (NYSE:DD) was notified to the EC. The Phase 1 review expires July 28.


Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) will continue to work closely with Congress. Management also notes the limited geographical and product overlap between it and Cigna (NYSE:CI). The arb spread is $40.80.


ITC (ITC) shareholders approved the acquisition by Fortis (OTCPK:FRTSF).


The tender offer expires tonight for the ON (NASDAQ:ON) acquisition of Fairchild (NYSE:FCS).


Cascade (NASDAQ:CSCD) holds its shareholder vote today for its acquisition by FormFactor (NASDAQ:FORM).


The Apollo Education (NASDAQ:APOL) acquisition by Apollo Global (NYSE:APO) has been approved by regulators in Austria. The $0.85 arb spread offers an 18% IRR if the deal closes by yearend. More to come in future editions of M&A Daily

Done Deal

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Well done and thank you, Dane Capital, for this great investment idea. For his next trick, I recommend Likely ASE-Silconware Merger Should Put ChipMOS In Play (NASDAQ:IMOS).

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