Why Gold Is Going Higher

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Gold-to-silver ratio indicates higher gold prices.

TIP bonds support a strong gold rally.

A global growth slowdown and failed central bank policies add to the odds of a successful gold trade.

I've been bullish on gold this year and made gold miners a huge part of my portfolio. The most recent article I wrote about gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) was published on the 9th of May. Currently, gold is slightly higher, mainly because of the sharp rally on Friday.

GLD Chart

GLD data by YCharts

The chart below shows the comparison between the gold price and the gold/silver ratio. This ratio takes factors like economic growth, inflation and the debt situation into account. A ratio peak at relatively 'high' levels indicates that gold is about to have a rally. As you can see, this has almost always been the case.

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Based on this graph, it looks like gold is about to jump higher over the coming months or even years.

Another important factor is inflation and safety. To display both, I use inflation protected securities (iShares TIP Bonds ETF (NYSEARCA:TIP)). These bonds are backed by the US government and inflation protected.

Tips are highly correlated to gold and have rallied on a YTD basis.

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In addition to everything I mentioned above, I also look at the US Dollar. At this point, the US does not back a gold rally.

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I believe however, that gold is going to rally nonetheless. Based on the macro economical circumstances, it is highly likely that gold and USD are going to disconnect.

This is mainly because the global economy is slowing. Even in the US, things are starting to look ugly. Retail sales, industrial production, building permits and durable goods are either contracting or slowing. All of this makes it even more unlikely that the Fed is going to hike rates in the near future without starting a financial crisis.

Even the Bank of Japan is unable to get the Yen down.

US Dollar to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate Chart

US Dollar to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate data by YCharts

In an environment, where global growth is slowing and central banks have lost the fight, I am happy to own gold related trades. And I haven't even mentioned the uncertainty that comes along with a Brexit.

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