Equus Total Return And MVC Capital: A Solution To The Stagnated Merger

by: Robert Lewis


Using the cash hoard of Equus Total Return to enhance shareholder return and grant MVC Capital a right of election.

Taking advantage of the massive discount in market value to net asset value to enhance net asset per share for shareholders.

A win-win solution for Equus Total Return, MVC Capital and finally the shareholders.

June 27, 2016

Board of Directors

Equus Total Return Inc.

700 Louisiana Street - 48th Floor

Houston, Texas 77002

Board of Directors

MVC Capital Inc.

287 Bowman Avenue - 2nd Floor

Purchase, N.Y. 10577


I am a concerned shareholder of Equus Total Return Inc. ("Equus") with approximately 150,000 shares. The agreement of reorganization between Equus and MVC Capital Inc. ("MVC") appears to have been mired in a quagmire of stagnation since 2014. Equus in reliance has liquidated much of its assets and has been dissipating its cash with disproportionate operating expenses based on its market value, which has been a detrimental to its shareholders.

I would humbly recommend that Equus use its cash to tender for its shares. This would be beneficial to MVC as well as the other existing shareholders. Based upon market price, this tender of shares would produce an immediate incremental increase in net asset value per outstanding share. Equus has enough cash to absorb any and all shares tendered by MVC, giving MVC the option to elect to terminate its relationship with Equus or to continue with the proposed reorganization. MVC would have the freedom to rethink its investment in Equus and its decision would provide more clarity to existing Equus shareholders who would finally have some assurance as to the termination or continuation of the proposed reorganization.

This is a win-win situation for all parties which can only result in an increase of the net asset value per share of Equus and a greater transparency as to its future. I am a retired attorney residing in Miami who has no further interest other than enhancing my investment.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert L. Lewis

Disclosure: I am/we are long EQS.

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Additional disclosure: I own 150,000 shares of EQS and the letter in the article was written and sent by the author