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API reports a big draw.

All categories saw a big draw.

EIA will be the one that moves oil prices.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) publishes an estimate of the weekly EIA crude oil inventory report at 4:30 PM every Tuesday.

Before we go on, please read this quick fact versus myth section from the API website.

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The big difference between the two is that API data submission is voluntary, while EIA data reporting is mandatory. Nonetheless, oil (NYSEARCA:USO) markets move up and down in response to API's report.

This week's figures look like this:

We don't think these estimates are true again, unless imports drastically fell off. The accuracy of the two tend to correlate with one another over the long run, but short-term misreporting happens frequently.

Take the last two weeks' API data versus EIA data, for instance.

API for 6/17/16:

EIA for 6/17/16:

And the week before that, we wrote an article on it.

Hopefully, that gives you a bit more color on API's recent estimates. We think petroleum products should see a build with crude stock declining, but it depends quite a bit on imports.

Last week, imports saved the day with imports of 8.439 million b/d. If imports come in the mid 7s, we could see a big draw.

Nonetheless, it's always good to keep an eye on all things oil, and we hope you take the API estimate with a grain of salt.

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