Daily Round Up 7/7/16: Liberty Tax, Upland Software, Nymox Pharmaceutical, American Capital Mortgage Investment

by: InsiderInsights


Tables of the top insider purchases and sales filed with the SEC on 7/7/16, based on dollar value.

Dollar values often do not equate with significance when it comes to insider trades.

Proprietary Insider Company Ratings are relayed to clarify significance.

Dollar value is only one metric to assess the significance of an insider transaction, but when high dollar value intersects with significance it spotlights a stock investors should take the time to consider. InsiderInsights Daily Round Up articles are intended as initial research tools, so investors can separate real insider investment intelligence from time-wasting noise.

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Educational note from InsiderInsights:

Insider filing volumes are at a seasonal low point due to companies closing trading windows to their insiders until quarterly earnings are released. As a result, the dollar values of trades featured in our Daily round Up articles (particularly the purchases) will likely be lower than usual until early August.

On Today's Tables:

Insider trades were rated Significant at:

  • No Companies Yesterday.

Insider trades were rated Nearly Significant at:

  • Upland Software (NASDAQ:UPLD);
  • Liberty Tax (NASDAQ:TAX);
  • Nymox Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ:NYMX);
  • Tobira Therapeutics (NASDAQ:TBRA), and;
  • Amer Cap Mtg (NASDAQ:MTGE).

Insider trades were considered Insignificant at:

  • Spark Networks (NYSEMKT:LOV);
  • Sportsmans WHse (NASDAQ:SPWH);
  • Esperion Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ESPR);
  • Stryker (NYSE:SYK);
  • Estee Lauder (NYSE:EL);
  • Blue Buffalo Pet Products (NASDAQ:BUFF);
  • Acuity Brands (NYSE:AYI), and;
  • American Capital (NASDAQ:AGNC).

There is a Conflicted Insider Signal (both purchases & sales) at:

  • Tiptree Financial (NASDAQ:TIPT);
  • Kellogg (NYSE:K);
  • Us Geothermal (NYSEMKT:HTM), and;
  • Criteo S A (NASDAQ:CRTO).

There is an IPO or Known Corporate Action at:

  • Syros Pharm (NASDAQ:SYRS).

It's difficult to argue significance for most transactions made during IPOs, or when insiders make trades during a known corporate action.

Insider Purchases

#: Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Dollar Value
1 Redmile Group BO Syros Pharm SYRS JB* $5,409,325
2 Arch Venture Fdi BO Syros Pharm SYRS JB* $5,000,000
3 Howard Robert M DIR Liberty Tax TAX B $264,092
4 Esw Capital BO Upland Software UPLD B $132,827
5 Jcp Investment Mgt BO Us Geothermal HTM B $80,685
6 Miller Lloyd I Iii BO Spark Networks LOV B $69,457
7 Robinson James George DIR Nymox Pharmaceutical NYMX B $65,636
8 McGovern Mark E DIR Esperion Therapeutics ESPR B $50,000
9 Graham Kent Vernon DIR Sportsmans WHse SPWH B $44,850
10 Barnes Michael Gene CB,DIR,BO Tiptree Financial TIPT AB $27,207
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Source: | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes :
B =Open-market Buy; AB=10b5-1 (automatic) Buy; JB*=Buy indicated as being open-market, but not confirmed by trading price range and volume for the session.

Insider Sales

#: Filer Name Insider Titles Company Name Ticker Trans
Dollar Value
1 Invus DIR,BO Blue Buffalo Pet Products BUFF JS* $319,584,640
2 Bishop Family DIR,BO Blue Buffalo Pet Products BUFF JS* $44,388,844
3 Kellogg WK Fdn BO Kellogg K AS $10,717,265
4 Kain Gary D CEO,PR,CIO American Capital AGNC AS $7,211,482
5 Rudelle Jean Baptiste CB,DIR Criteo S A CRTO AS $2,686,188
6 Stryker Ronda E DIR Stryker SYK AS $1,453,755
7 Freda Fabrizio CEO,DIR Estee Lauder EL AS $1,451,169
8 Novo A S BO Tobira Therapeutics TBRA S $1,124,131
9 Kain Gary D CEO,PR,CIO Amer Cap Mtg MTGE AS $836,606
10 Black Mark A VP Acuity Brands AYI S $664,217
Click to enlarge | Key to Insider Title and Trans Type Codes :
S =Open-market Sale; AS=10b5-1 (automatic) Sale; JS*=Sale indicated as being open-market, but not confirmed by trading price range and volume for the session.

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