How To Outperform Any Hedge Fund (Podcast With Ian Bezek)

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Ian has been an avid student of the stock market since he was 11 years old and that background is evident in his investing wisdom and insights.

We discuss a lot, including how Nassim Taleb impacted Ian's views of portfolio insurance and what insurance he is holding right now.

Will demographics lead to a market crash in the next 5-10 years? Ian tells us why he expects it.

Finally, Ian shares how the average investor can outperform Wall Street hedge funds and why strike prices in options are often overrated.

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Ian Bezek "retired" from a hedge fund in his mid-twenties and has been traveling the world and living abroad since then. He is still an active investor in the financial markets (SPY, DIA), but invests and writes at his leisure. As you might imagine, Ian is a pretty unique guy.

His interest in the stock market began at the age of 11 and he opened his first brokerage account as soon as he turned 18. He then invested throughout his time in college (through the financial crisis) and later landed a job at a New York hedge fund.

Ian's story was too compelling to pass up, so I reached out, and he was gracious enough to sit down with me for an interview.

We discuss:

  • How he laid strong investing foundations from age 11 to 18, before he could even open a brokerage account.
  • The primary advantage we can all have over hedge funds.
  • What he learned from Nassim Taleb about portfolio insurance.
  • The time he bought put options on Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) at $.10 and watched them jump to $4. (Yes, the decimals are in the right places).
  • How some current investments related to Brazil (NYSEARCA:EWZ) and oil (NYSEARCA:USO) are helping him sleep better at night.
  • Why strike price is overrated when it comes to buying options.

Don't worry, there's plenty more. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Final Thought

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- Brian

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