South Korea: 12 Ways to Invest in One of the Four Asian Tigers

by: Stockerblog

South Korea, one of the Four Asian Tigers, has some stocks that you, as an investor might fight interesting, and even profitable enough to add to your portfolio.

Here are some interesting facts that any potential investor should know about South Korea:

  • South Korea's capital, Seoul, is the second most populous metropolitan area in the world.
  • It has been a multi-party democracy for twenty years.
  • It is the the 12th largest economy in the world.
  • It is number three in terms of broadband Internet users among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] countries.
  • It is the number one shipbuilder in the world.
  • It has the third largest economy in Asia.
  • Its largest trading partner is China.
  • It has only moderate inflation.
  • It has a low rate of unemployment.
  • It has an export surplus.
  • Here are a few South Korean stocks which trade in the United States, and that are worth checking out:

    Gmarket Inc. (GMKT) , is an e-commerce marketplace which sells numerous types of products including clothing, beauty products, computers, electronics, furniture, jewelry, sporting goods, automobile accessories, and many other items. It has a P/E of 43, and a PEG of 0.73.

    Gravity Co., Ltd (NASDAQ:GRVY), is a developer and marketer of online games. Its earnings have been negative, and its P/S ratio is 4.81.

    Hanaro Telecom, Inc. (OTC:HANAY), is Korea's largest telecommunications company. The company recently reported that its net loss decreased 80%, and its revenues increased by 4.6%.

    Kookmin Bank (NYSE:KB), is a Seoul-based bank with over 1100 branches in South Korea. It has a P/E of 11, and a P/S of 2.

    Korea Electric Power Corp. (NYSE:KEP), generates, and sells, electricity throughout South Korea. It has a P/E of 14.2, and a P/S of 1.

    KT Corp. (KTC), provides telephone, and broadband Internet services. The stock has a low P/E of 7.2, and a P/S of 0.5.

    LG Philips LCD CO., Ltd. (NYSE:LPL) , makes, and sells, thin film transistor liquid crystal displays panels. It has a forward P/E of 13.5, and a P/S of 1.37.

    Pixelplus Co., Ltd. (PXPL), makes, and sells, complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensors. The stock has had negative earnings, and has a P/S of 0.28.

    POSCO (NYSE:PKX), makes, and markets, hot rolled steel products that are used for manufacturing structural steel. It has a P/E of 10.5, and its P/S is 1.32. It has a yield of 1.5%.

    Shinhan Financial Group Co. Ltd. (NYSE:SHG), is a Seoul-based, bank holding company. Its price to book ratio is 1.44.

    SK Telecom Co. Ltd. (NYSE:SKM), is a wireless telecommunications services company. Its stock has an operating margin of 24.6%, and a yield of 2.8%.

    Woori Finance Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE:WF), is a banking, credit card, and investment company. It has a P/E of 9.7 and a P/S of 3.34.

    Disclosure: The author does not own any of the above.