Buy PayPal? Not So Fast

| About: PayPal Holdings, (PYPL)


Seeking Alpha author Oleh Kombaiev says buy PayPal on this dip and hold.

Cheddar TV says "not so fast".

PayPal's moat may not be as deep as some investors believe.

Seeking Alpha contributor Oleh Kombaiev came out with a bullish article on PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) yesterday, suggesting investors buy on the current price drop and hold for the long term. He claims that the company's growth has yet to hit critical mass, and that the digital payment service provider's best days may be ahead.

However, PayPal's moat may not be as deep as some investors believe. Cheddar TV points out Wall Street sentiment is mostly split on the stock, and that others, including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), are rapidly moving into the digital payment space and could give PYPL a run for its money.

Watch the video for more of Cheddar's take:

What do you think? Are you backing up the truck and loading up on PayPal's stock? Is it a long-term play, as Kombaiev believes? Or are you avoiding PayPal, and do you think the market pricing the stock correctly?

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