Ford And Co Are Headed For Some Tough Times

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Total car sales entered contraction this year.

Heavy truck sales are following the economy closely.

Palladium prices have predicted car manufacturer's stock prices quite well.

A few months ago, I wrote an article where I advised traders to buy O'Reilly Automotive ORLY against Ford F shorts. The reason was quite 'simple'. Short car manufacturers and buy car parts companies.

The pair trade has hit a new all time high this week.

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Official car sales suggest that the bear case for Ford F, General Motors GM and used car dealers like CarMax KMX is not over.

Total car sales peaked in 2015 and are currently back at 2014 levels. Note the big uptrend since 2009 which has been an amazing time to be long all the companies I just mentioned. The biggest difference between total and light vehicle sales are heavy duty trucks.

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Source: BN Capital

Vehicle sales started slowing in 2014 and entered the contraction zone this year. Vehicle sales have completely ignored the recent ISM upswing. One reason could be that sales are being bought a few months after the economy picks up. This is not a fact, just a hypothesis.

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Source: BN Capital

Heavy duty truck sales started slowing at the end of 2014. The correlation with the economy is way stronger than the correlation between light weight car sales and the economy. Maybe because car sales are lagging indeed. Heavy trucks started to contract this year. Sales are currently close to a 20% year-on-year decline.

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Source: BN Capital

Could palladium prices be the answer? Palladium is a precious metal that is often used in car parts like a catalytic converter. Palladium prices started falling at the end of 2014. The exact moment when heavy duty truck sales started falling. Since January, palladium prices have had an amazing performance (just like silver & gold).

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Source: BN Capital

The correlation with the Ford stock price is even stronger.

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I believe that the recent palladium rally is due to the precious metal rally and not because of a stronger economy. The facts just don't add up since most coincidence indicators like durable goods, industrial production and construction are contracting. My advice is to stay away from car manufacturers at the moment. I hate to say it but I don't see much value in buying these stocks. I keep my O'Reilly/Ford pair trade until car sales start to rise again.

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