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The largest India ETF, WisdomTree's EPI, is outperforming the leading country specific BRIC ETFs in the marketplace in 2012. EPI has benefited from a variety of positive developments in India this year including a decrease in inflation, a stabilization of the rupee's value, a renewed interest by foreign institutional investors and the possibility of interest rate cuts. Here's a performance chart of the leading country specific BRIC ETFs in 2012.

India ETF Performance
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While all BRIC ETF products have turned in positive results this year, India has likely risen the most due to its steep losses in 2011 when it trailed all BRIC markets. Here's a performance chart of EPI over the last year displaying its roller coaster ride.

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Despite India's strong 2012 recent rally, it is still in negative territory over the last 12 months and is second place to the Russia ETF, RSX, for worst performance.

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Maxing out the ETF performance comparison period to four years, shows India crushing Russia and beginning to gain ground on the largest China ETF, FXI. The Brazil ETF, EWZ, has a clear lead - despite its negative total return.

BRIC ETF 4 Year Performance
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Going forward India will need to see interest rates subside from current 8.5% levels, oil prices significantly moderate and foreign investment continue to be robust for its 2012 performance rebound to continue against the other BRIC nations. If some or all of these factors happen then India stands to benefit from another potential advantage versus other BRICs in 2020: the world's largest population.

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Source: Leading BRIC ETF In 2012? The India ETF