ISM Breakdown: Economic Upswing Continues

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Manufacturing adds 1.3 points in November.

New orders and production support a stronger mid-term economy.

11 out of 18 industries reported growth in November.

On the 29th of November, I wrote an article about the ISM index. I highlighted that the November ISM number was likely to beat expectations.

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Today's ISM number came in at 53.2 which is 0.8 points above expectations and 1.3 points higher than one month ago.

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If we compare the ISM index and the regional manufacturing average (link above), we see that the economy has solid mid-term strength. This means that coincident indicators like retail sales, industrial production and durable goods orders should pick up in November.

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New orders increased 0.9 points after a strong regional new orders rally.

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The November picture look strong. Manufacturing PMI is up 1.3 points and supported by stronger orders. Production is up 1.4 points while backlog of orders rose 3.5.

Source: Institute for Supply Management

Employment decreased a bit, but is still 2.3 points above the 50 level. (<50 means contraction).

Out of 18 manufacturing industries, 11 witnessed growth, while 6 contracted.

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Machinery, chemicals and primary metals saw growth along with many other pro-cyclical industries. Transportation equipment is contracting once again. Note that none of the contracting industries is commenting on anything.

I am positive about the economy on the mid-term. I've been positive for a few months. The next coincident indicators will tell if growth sentiment is affecting 'real' numbers.

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